Due to the enormous success of our ‘Pilot and OCD Clinics between 2015 to 2018’, we are delighted to announce our new weekly groups ‘Linking to Employment’ sponsored by the Big Lottery.

These training sessions are for people that are willing to take supported steps towards recovery from anxiety, depression and OCD and will have the clear objective of helping and supporting people to begin looking for work, those returning to work having been away on sickness leave and those wanting to pursue volunteering opportunities in our community. Significantly, it will also include people who remain at work after being diagnosed with the above but are struggling in the workplace due to their symptoms. These groups will be for 2 hours for a 6 week duration at a time. The learning modules for these training sessions will include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, the Conscious versus the Subconscious Mind, Managing Anxiety and Constructive Coping Skills, Assertiveness and Confidence Building, Interviewing Techniques and Role Play.

The groups will be well managed and will give beneficiaries the opportunity to begin helping themselves, improve their mental wellbeing, increase personal development and move forward in supported stages.

These training sessions will be provided by a fully accredited, professional UK registered Psychotherapist and Counsellor who is qualified to present and train in CBT and Mindfulness and is an experienced trainer of 20 years. This is a unique project for our community and we are delighted to be able to offer these weekly groups.

These training sessions will take place on a Friday between 2pm to 4pm in central Norwich, a 5 minute walk from The Assembly House. There will be no charge for these groups. If you would like further details and location, please contact us on the numbers below or complete and send the ‘contact form’ on the next page.

All contact and telephone calls will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

Mobile: 07432 655579

You can contact us by sending a text message to the above mobile number.
(This mobile number will NOT take voice messages)

Telephone: 01603 619246

(Messages can be left on the landline)

Testimonials from our pilot clinic held during 2015/2016...

When I found The Norwich and Norfolk OCD Voluntary Support Group; I was offered support through the Pilot scheme funded by the Big Lottery which offered me 6 free CBT Sessions. I have now made serious progress through the understanding and techniques I have been offered. The group also demonstrates just how many people benefit from the service offered who without it would struggle to find the right support. The Norwich and Norfolk OCD Voluntary Support Group is a success and without it myself and others would be misunderstood and lacking much needed support.

Sue, NR20

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the recent appointments you were able to offer me as part of the Pilot OCD Clinic, it is great that such a service is available to people like myself that can really make the difference in assisting in the recovery of this time consuming and distressing disorder. The CBT sessions provided have given me the strength and courage to attempt these things even when anxiety has taken hold and I have found that by sitting with the anxiety and allowing it to pass or refocus myself it does subside, and in learning these techniques you can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That a life free of OCD is possible.

Laura, NR20

I was so grateful when you offered me the six free counselling sessions funded by the Big Lottery (I am a pensioner on very limited income). These sessions really helped me to explore and start to understand what had led to my illness developing so severely and also gave me some ideas to learn new and better coping strategies. I really feel this was the beginning of my realisation that maybe, just maybe, I could get better. It makes such a difference being counselled by someone who truly understands the condition.

Prue, NR1