Virtual OCD Therapy and Training Groups
Open to Norfolk, the UK and Worldwide!

These virtual OCD Therapy and Training Groups meet every week on the following:

Wednesday, 2pm to 4pm (UK time)
Friday, 2pm to 4pm (UK time)

Our group welcomes those with OCD, carers and family members who want to gain a better understanding of this anxiety disorder and be encouraged. The group offers empathy, support and psychoeducation in a non-judgmental, confidential environment and an opportunity to share/communicate knowledge and personal experiences.

Confidential discussions relating to OCD

By way of discussion and debate, this group is very positive, practical and constructive in its approach to overcoming the difficulties of OCD. Psychoeducational sessions are offered and these can cover topics such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the various categories of OCD, the Conscious Mind versus the Subconscious Mind, Communication Skills, Goal Setting, Assertiveness and Raising Self-Esteem to name a few.

Examining Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Some of our members have already undergone a course in CBT and many have already made positive changes to overcoming OCD. Several of our members are proactive with CBT and continually strive to make improvements in their condition. The focus of our group is support, psychoeducation, studying and examining CBT and putting this therapy into practise.

A welcoming OCD Support Group

You will find this popular, well-established and large group very supportive and welcoming. We receive exceptional feedback from those that have attended our meetings and some members have been regular attendees for several years. Our group is not just open to those who have OCD but anyone wanting to learn more about this anxiety disorder.

These group meetings are confidential and professionally led. There will be no charge for the above mentioned groups.

If you would like further details and virtual sign-on details and password, please contact us on the numbers below or complete and send the contact form on page 6.

Mobile: 07432 655579

You can contact us by sending a text message to the above mobile number.

Telephone: 01603 619246

(Confidential messages can be left on the landline)