Our Approach

Our key focus is empathy, support and psychoeducation, we offer a tiered structure developed by Geraldine Scott, our Founder, to challenge OCD. You will see these three stages detailed below and the pace and participation can be chosen by yourself for your comfort and compatibility.

As the source of our meetings can be based upon what our members bring to the group discussion and one’s progress can very often fluctuate, the following tiers can be flexible and therefore one can choose or move between the stages they would like to focus upon.



  • CBT and Mindfulness
  • Consistent Goal Setting
  • A Committed Approach
    to Improvement



  • Furthering CBT
  • Constructive Coping Strategies
  • Exploring Emotions & Mindfulness
  • Assertiveness and Raising Self-Esteem
  • Motivational Interviewing & Goal Setting


Group Discussion

  • Discussion in a non-judgmental and confidential environment
  • To listen, acquire understanding and share knowledge and experiences
  • CBT discussion, gaining support and encouragement to move forward
  • Observe achievements, discuss strategies and if required,
    proceed to Stage Two